Beef Cattle Feeds
A range of quality beef feeds to match all feeding systems.

We supply a comprehensive range of nutritionally balanced and palatable products to meet the requirements of your beef herd at all stages of their lifecycle from suckled calves through to finishing cattle. All our formulations have been developed using only the best quality raw materials available to optimise your herd’s performance and condition and therefore profitability.

Beef Blends & Coarse Rations

Highly palatable and fully mineralised coarse rations & blends suitable for weaning, rearing, store cattle, finishing and suckler herds. Our range of high performing coarse rations & blends are formulated to suit all your needs however we are also happy to discuss producing bespoke rations to the customer’s own specification if required.

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Beef Concentrate

A range of concentrate blends for feeding with home grown cereals to provide the protein levels required for maximum growth and weight gain.

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Our Prestige Range uses only the finest ingredients offering premium quality blended feeds. The range is designed for pedigree breeders and so contains all the essential ingredients that will improve performance from growth through to the finishing stages prior to show and sale.

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