Cattle Feeds
Quality feed for dairy cattle, beef cattle, heifers and calves

We supply a comprehensive range of nutritionally balanced and palatable products to meet the requirements and maximise the potential of your herd at all stages of their lifecycle. Whether the need is for a high energy ration for high yielding dairy cows or for suckled calves through to finished cattle our formulations have been developed using only the best quality raw materials to optimise your herd's performance and condition and therefore profitability.


We produce and sell a range of quality dairy feeds to match all feeding systems. The feeds are formulated using the highest quality raw materials to suit all forages, breeds and preformance levels.

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Blends produced using the highest quality ingredients for your particular performance needs, whether it be for growing cattle, finishing cattle, bull beef or suckler cows.

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A range of quality feeds formulated to maximise the growth and performance potential in your calves

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