Dairy Feeds
A range of quality dairy feeds to match all feeding systems.

Campbells quality dairy premix & compounds are carefully formulated to maximise the potential of your dairy herd. Within the range there is a product to suit all requirements. Whether the need is for a high energy ration for high yielding dairy cows or rations to suit more extensive grazing systems, each is formulated to provide the optimum balance of nutrients to optimise feed efficiency and dairy output.

Dairy Compounds

The compound feed we supply is manufactured by East Coast Viners from their plant in Drumlithie in Aberdeenshire. James P. Campbell & Sons have a long standing relationship with ECV having worked closely with them for many years to provide a reliable quality service to livestock producers.

Our dairy range is available for any on-farm feeding situation. All dairy feeds contain chelated copper and zinc for improved availability and absorption to increase cow health, immunity and fertility.  

Further information on any product is available on request.

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Dairy Premix

Our dairy premixes are manufactured at our Kilmarnock site and are formulated to provide ultra high energy together with a generous supply of bypass protein. Each premix ensures a good balance of starch, sugars and digestible fibres and there is a premix tailored for herds achieving 8,000litres up to 12,000 litres. We offer a forage analytical service to balance individual herd requirements.

Further information on any product is available on request  

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