Sheep Feeds
A range of sheep feeds available in blend or pellet form

All our formulations have been developed using only the best quality raw materials and balancing protein and energy to ensure optimum health, condition and productivity of your flock thus maximising profitability.

Coarse Rations

Highly palatable and fully mineralised coarse rations specially formulated to achieve maximum performance and condition by providing the optimum balance of energy and protein.

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A full range of compound diets to suit pre lambing and lactating sheep, growing and finishing lambs. These consist of highly digestible ingredients with a high energy level so providing quality by-pass protein ranging in levels from 16% to 19%.

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Our Prestige Range uses only the finest ingredients offering premium quality blended feeds for pedigree sheep breeders The excellent quality course rations have all the nutritional attributes to enhance performance through the growing and finishing stages of show and sale preparation

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