A range of straights to match all feeding systems.

At Campbell’s we pride ourselves for using only the highest quality ingredients as we believe the greater quality feed the fed, the greater quality of animal produced. We supply these products in bulk, totes & 25kg bags

Hi Pro Soya

Crude Oil  2.5%   Crude Protein 48%   Crude Fibre 3.5%    Crude Ash 6.5%

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Rapeseed Meal

Crude Oil  2.4%   Crude Protein 34%   Crude Fibre 12.5%    Crude Ash 7%
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Wheat Distillers

Crude Oil  7%   Crude Protein 31.1%   Crude Fibre 6.8%   Crude Ash 4.4%
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Wheat Feed

Crude Oil  4%   Crude Protein 16%   Crude Fibre 9%   Crude Ash 4.5%
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Bruised Barley

Crude Oil  2.3%   Crude Protein 10%   Crude Fibre 4.5%    Crude Ash 2.2%

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Soya Hulls

Crude Oil  1.75%   Crude Protein 10.74%   Crude Fibre  33%    Crude Ash 4.5%

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Sugar Beet Pulp

Crude Oil  1%   Crude Protein 8.5%   Crude Fibre  15.8%    Crude Ash 8.4%
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Ground Maize

Crude Oil  2.5%     Crude Protein 9%      Crude Fibre 2%       Crude Ash 0.8%
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